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Gamma vs Upsilon by Guiler-717 Gamma vs Upsilon by Guiler-717
Here, two users of Alpha-Omega series hi-tech suits clash: Jacob, a Mexican-American researcher expelled from the academical means and persecuted by the United Nations for discovering some truths about the relation between the inhuman Jötunn and the Pentagon, uses the Gamma suit his ally, Cuetzpalin Paynal, has stolen from a high security military research center. The one who uses the Upsilon suit is Nina, a teenage girl that has been raised as a fighter among other younglings as part of the Crucible Program, a joint operation of one of the distributors of the Alpha-Omega suits and other organs such as the Church itself, that was seeking to produce a new generation of warriors for hire for the future. In this case, Nina has been sent by the Crucible to get back the Gamma suit. But she would later regret it, as she would realize the Crucible has more taken than it has given her, and even more after she would realize the actual goal of the Crucible was the Human Automation - the complete insertion and manipulation of all human peoples' minds into a network controlled by a select group. She would keep her mind her own, if she agreed in serving as a programmer or military operative of this futuristic hell. But of course she wouldn't, she didn't want that. Either way, it would take some years to learn all these terrible truths.

This is a piece of my sketchbook related to the CUETZPALIN Mythos
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April 21, 2015
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