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Species Traitors by Guiler-717 Species Traitors by Guiler-717
This digital painting over some selected drawings from my sketchbook is the concept for a promotional poster of the CUETZPALIN Mythos' last installment, "EXTINCTION", and depicts three of its main cast of characters who have reputedly, for one reason or another, "betrayed their species":

AXAYACATL (born in Tollan, in the year 920), a former Toltec Cuetzpalin Tlacochcalcatl ("Lizardman from the house of darts", a title rhoughly equivalent to high general) and boss to the legendary Cuetzpalin Cuauhtemoc, he has been one of the Toltecs stranded on European continent after a naval battle against the Chimu. Once there, Axayacatl has showed his greedy motivations and jealousy for Cuauhtemoc's increasing status, as a result of the locals' admiration of his heroic deeds, such as the defeat of the Jötunn on New Asgard and the liberation of the Elves of Alfheimr: Not only he has sabotaged the Banteran people's defenses, but has also sided with Palarokhians, a band of medieval Topakar magicians who would later found an Empire with help of some Vovin, since Tupaq himself returned from his three thousand years lasting imprisonment on the Anaghra Lemah (Dimension of Absolute Darkness). Unlikely as it is, Axayacatl became a Cuetzpalin aligned with a group of Topakars, known to hate this kind since their famous reputation in being the only ones capable of slaying the Centzonmimixcoa during the Topakhon Wars. After severing his links with his former friend Cuauhtemoc, he has used several hosts across centuries to keep his life as a bounty hunter, but the Palarokhians still looked after him. To prevent himself from becoming a slave to them, he sought to gather the powers of other Cuetzpalin, the skilled Tlatoani Cuetzpalin (like Moctezuma Xocoyotzin & his sister Papantzin, who possessed super speed), and that task would ask of him even more traitorous acts against his own kind. Occasions in which he would meet with Cuauhtemoc again wouldn't be scarce, and each time any of them recognized another, despite taking very different hosts, was still a surprise. While Cuauhtemoc has made persecuting Tupaq and trying to expose Ymir's influence over the Novus Civilizatio -the ruling corpus behind Tredius' United Nations' Association, which main goal was creating a monopolized, global empire of human supremacy. Apparently, they couldn't assure a human supremacy without the aid of the inhuman Jötunn, so how much that was an actual human supremacy and how much they still depended on the inhuman civilizations is still subject to debate- a living, Axayacatl, hiding behind names such as Iguantus, has become a skilled mercenary, who has been hired, for example, by influential leaders of the UTSST (United Topakar Socialist States of Tredius) to hunt down anarchists "who sould try to subvert the creation of a new socialist order" -among them, Cuauhtemoc himself. He has also had a more recent ixiptla/host who detained some influence among libertarian left-wing groups of San Brandon, and on such occasion he was known as "Omepaynal". During his time as a Tonalcoatl, he has deceived both his ixiptla and many other people, including Cuauhtemoc himself, not before he turned Cuauhtemoc's allies against him, even though for a short time. Axayacatl's hunt for power and constant struggle to gain independence from the Topakars has almost led the Cuetzpalin of Tredius to extinction.

SPECTRO (born in Xibahpukon, in the planet Topakhon, from the K Pacha System, over 5300 years ago), a Hawlien scientist and friend of the fellow Hawlien researcher Kometa who has witnessed the development of the Socialist State of Xibahpukon, and later, the ORS OHORELA, during the early stages of the Topakhon Wars (29th to 17th Centuries before Iesu). Working under Tupaq, Spectro has been one of the Hawlien who have converted the entire planet of Topakhon into a mobile Black Hole with an artificial atmosphere, so Tupaq has broke many rules imposed by Tempo, the God of Space, as he just created a mobile astral body that was both a self-sustainable planet and a weapon of mass destruction (the Black Hole granted all kinds of energy the inhabitants of Topakhon needed, but it was still used by Tupaq to destroy other planets and accelerate the expansion -and eventual disintegration- of the universe of matter an energy. That later part of his plan, of course, was unkown by the Topakar peoples). After centuries serving the Ors Ohorela, Spectro has followed the steps of a Ta'tal (High General), Enigma, who was suspicious about Tupaq's plans, and has himself discovered the source of Tupaq's power, as well as hinting about the origins of both him and his children, the Centzonmimixcoa. In the 1258th year of war, Tupaq had been finally defeated and the Black Hole of Topakhon Mobile has lost control, consuming the civilization above, except for Apuqohcan, a mobile city which has ejected into safety, and whose inhabitants, later known as "Topakar Exiles", have been cast far away from the K Pacha System. Among them, Spectro has been one of the few remaining Topakhon Wars-era officials left out of the Absolute Darkness, besides the Ta'tal. His contact with other civilizations would only come back during the era of the now forgotten Xiuhcoatl Empire, when a lost vessel led by Helladean/Aztec Cihuateotl Huixtocihuatl has crash-landed on Apuqohcan. Making the other way around, Spectro has discovered the Xiuhcoatl Empire on its final days, but also that another Ta'tal from the Topakhon Wars' era, Ai Apaec, who was living among the Moche people of Tredius, has tried to craft a portal from Tredius to K Pacha, but was prevented by the Huaca. The portal, that was damaged, was Tiwanaku's "Sun Gate". Spectro has contacted the Moche at their final days, when Tlaloc and Huitzopoca castigated them for their use of forbidden Topakar magic. But that wouldn't be the end for Spectro, who was still mastering the hidden elements all the way. After Tupaq was released, in 1342 a.I, he has supported the reorganization of the Hawlien homeland into a Socialist Topakar State, and then returned to Tredius, in the seventies of the 20th Century, during the Revolution of Tahuantinsuyu, which has witnessed the foundation of the UTSST and the beginning of the so-called "Cold War". In 2012, after the completion of Topakhon Mobile II, Tupaq witnessed traitors such as Blar'Hazix (Spectro's rival, a capitalist and a Novus Civilizatio member) among the Hawlien, and ordered the complete destruction of the Planet Spektruz, which Spectro attended with no remorse. It was ironic that in his previous conflict against Huitzopoca & Tlaloc, he was seen as a strong defender of the Hawlien kind, and now he just had destroyed them, but the matter is that "his people" aren't the Hawlien, or those who look like him, but rather those who make things like him, the Topakar magicians, no matter which species they are. Blar'Hazix has survived for some months later after the destruction of his planet, and rightly accursed his rival, for it is common that a Neo Civilis would be greatly motivated by its own contraditory speciesist principles. Either way, Spectro's loyalties doesn't lie with Tupaq, despite he is one of the most influential officials from the UTSST. He has tried all he could to prevent nations from the UTSST to become more open or diplomatic towards UNA, as well to let them enter the liberal agenda, but no matter that he ultimately failed on that after Tupaq resigned from power in April 2014, he still controlled much that was going behind the agenda of the Novus Civilizatio: he has plans to complete the Human Automation and take charge of it by using a specific member of NC, which hasn't proved to be hard at all, given this member's dellusions of greatness. His contact with this member, however, is mediated by his grandson, a bounty hunter who makes use of special vampire/cyborg bodyguards.

WILHELM (born in St. Paul, San Brandon, Tredius, twenty years and some months ago), a human San Brandonian citizen who by the age of 14 has accidentaly got the Tonalcoatl of Tlatoani Cuetzpalin Moctezuma Xocoyotzin, giving him the power to transform into a super-fast Cuetzpalin. Motivated by Animal Liberation, Anarchism and seeking a peaceful life closer to wildlife -in opposition to the capitalistic, urban life he's been forced into-, he has done series of actions against both the heads and pillars from the industrial society of his age, both within and outside San Brandonian territory, eventually gaining attention as "Cuetzpalin Paynal", and in the way revealing to the UNA nation members (and to his own, as well) that the planet of Tredius hasn't been inhabited only by human civilizations in the past. Outside Tredius, he has also caused a lot of damage on civilizations like in Aztlán, for he released Cipactli, the beast whose suffering was the civilization's foundation, in April 2010. He's also fought Elemental Gods on some occasions, and his senses have sharpened, despite he still conciliated his life with that of a high school/university student for some time. Even without Cuetzpalin powers, he still has caused a lot of damage on the imperialist capitalist domain, and later, unable to turn into his human form again, he has finally left human society, but not towards a more peaceful life among wildlife, instead, in a more violent life fighting what used to destroy it. He's returned to Aztlán, years later, where he has recovered his ability to turn into his human form again, but how much human it was is still up to debate. And finally, after a campaign against Chronpuchian Civilization, he returned to his homeplanet Tredius, where he would begin a years lasting campaign of terror against those who used to be "his people", effectively undoing Human Automation, by taking as many humans as he could to grave. On these latest years, he's been known as the ancient god Feathered Serpent. But he would still be left scarred after a fight that would bring him against humanity once again -for this time, he planned to improve them by turning them into self-sustainable, photosynthetical beings, but had them turning their backs on him in favor of yet another "progressist" leader-. Because of such events, he believes he's been more betrayed than he betrayed something as ideological as "humanity".

- - -

While some deities are self-declared "speciesists", others that are even older are aware, perhaps because of that, that species, civilizations, nations, doesn't exist in materiality but only through ideology, and are an ideology of dominance which terminates the individuality of one. These "species' traitors" would be remembered by many as evil figures, but just imagine how much something as hollow as the concept of species would take from them in their daily lives if they hadn't made their own way out of it.
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